Department of Nursing
Department of NursingDepartment of Nursing aims to cultivate nurses with a holistic view. We teach students basic professional knowledge, respect for life, and caring for others. We also arrange clinical practice courses so that students can have practical experience when working in hospitals. Before graduation, students are also required to prepare for the nursing license examination so that they can become “qualified and responsible nurses” in the future.
Department of Rehabilitation
Department of RehabilitationDepartment of Rehabilitation aims to educate and train students to become physical and occupational therapists with human moral values. The course design is full of diversity, with the combination of teaching resources in other departments, technological aids, long-term caring, physical fitness-Pilates, and vocational rehabilitation. Students are expected to obtain related certificates after graduation and work as therapists in hospitals.
Department of Optometry
Department of OptometryDepartment of Optometry aims to cultivate professional optometrists. Students are equipped with professional knowledge in the field of optometry, glasses, contact lenses, binocular vision, low vision mechanics, eye care, and health care. In addition, they may also receive practical training through experiments and clinical practicum courses. After graduation, the students can obtain the certificate of the optometrist, and may serve as an optometrist in hospitals, ophthalmology clinics, and eyewear chain companies.
Department of Medical Technology
Department of Medical TechnologyDepartment of Medical Technology aims to cultivate clinical medicine and health care inspection technical talents. In line with the National Medical Network Plan, we provide courses combining basic theory, clinical practice, and technology. The curriculum includes general education, basic medicine, and clinical examinations. After graduation with the certificate of medical examiner, students may engage in medical examinations or biotechnology-related industries and other related work.
Department of Hospitality Management
Department of Hospitality ManagementDepartment of Hospitality Management aims to foster talents in tourism and hospitality management. We provide programs for students to have skills in cooking, hospitality management, and traveling. The out-of-school internships in five-star hotels also make the goal of “employment upon graduation” possible. As the establishment of national skill baking examination room for Chinese cuisine, the students are assisted to obtain relevant licenses, which will make them more competitive in workplaces. After graduation, students can choose to work in hotels, devote to chain catering industry, or start their own business.
Department of Early Childhood Care and Education
Department of Early Childhood Care and EducationDepartment of Early Childhood Care and Education aims to help students become childcare professionals. The curriculum includes children’s development of professional knowledge, counseling, and teaching skills. The nursing care curriculum is also provided  to increase students’ ability to care for infants and young children. Students can obtain licenses of technicians, first aid training and pianos. They are also encouraged to take the national certification exams to obtain the childcare licenses.
Department of Medical Tourism
Department of Medical TourismDepartment of Medical Tourism aims to provide professional service talents for medical tourism industry in Taiwan. With the globalization of medical care around the world, our program focuses on the training of beauty and tourism technologies. Students in our department are expected to not only understand the needs of “health care” markets, but also have knowledge in medical tourism. Students are also cultivated with the ability to design health care and leisure programs for their future customers.
Department of Occupational Safety and Health
Department of Occupational Safety and HealthThe department is one of the only two occupational safety and health departments which have the five-year program in Taiwan. It aims to cultivate talents who can meet the current needs of the industry. During college years or after graduation, students can apply for certificates related to occupational safety and health management, operating environment determination, fire-fighting equipment or rescue techniques. They can work in industries such as traditional industries, science and technology, medical institutions, etc. There are even 25K~30K allowances during the internship period, and their future jobs are always more stable and well-paid.
Department of Mobile Commerce
Department of Mobile CommerceDepartment of Mobile Commerce aims to cultivate digital integrated talents by using “mobile business applications” and “digital media content” as the two major spindles. The program design is combined with the certificate examinations. Also, the workplace experience is integrated to the program to enhance students’ practical ability. Students  are provided with various courses such as Computer Maintenance, Digital Music, Photography, Multimedia Animation, Movie Editing, and Program Design. After graduation, they can serve as an information manager, digital marketing or media content designer in related fields.
Department of Mobile Commerce
Department of Funeral ScienceDepartment of Funeral Science, the first professional funeral department in the nation,was established in 1998. The program is designed to help students obtain funeral services licenses before graduation. Therefore, the department is called the cradle of funeral service training. After graduation, whether working in large-scale enterprise or starting a business on their own, students can become competitive professionals in funeral industry.
Department of Acupressure Technology
Department of Acupressure TechnologyDepartment of Acupressure Technology aims to cultivate professional massagists who are in line with the trend of the times. The program emphasizes on professional health care in both Chinese and Western medicine. Students are trained to combine industry needs, theories, and technology in the field. We also emphasize the integration of professional theories and clinical operations. The course design and the internship plan provide students with comprehensive learning environments. After graduation, students are equipped with knowledge of health care and professional assessment capabilities in related field.
Department of Oral Hygiene
Department of Oral HygieneThe Department of Oral Hygiene is among some unique departments in Taiwan. The undergraduate department aims to cultivate oral hygienists and improve the quality of dental care. It is committed to working with the government to promote oral hygienist certification and create professional employment capabilities. After graduation, they will cooperate with dental doctors in medical centers to optimize medical quality and administrative executive management, or choose to work in dental materials and dental cosmetology related industries.
Department of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Management
Department of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical ManagementIn recent years, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals have become the focus of the development of the global industry. Due to the booming of biological technology and pharmaceutical industries in the nation, Jen-Teh Junior College was allowed to establish “Department of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Management”in 2018, which is the only biotechnology-related department with five-years program in Taiwan. Department of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Management combines the surrounding biotechnology industry with educational resources to cultivate the interdisciplinary talents of biomedicine and management. After graduation, students may engage in biotechnology or pharmaceutical-related industries and other related work.
Department of Geriatric Health Promotion
Department of Geriatric Health PromotionDepartment of Geriatric Health Promotion aims to cultivate nurturing professionals. In line with the objectives of the World Health Organization, we emphasize the use of health promotion programs to assist elderly people in their daily lives. We also highlight the importance of implementing the best “Health Promotion Strategy Measurement Index” from the National Department of Health to make a whole person’s health.