Board of Directors
Board of DirectorsJen-Teh Junior College adheres to the concept of “Benevolence.” In addition to cultivating students’ professional knowledge and skills, it focuses on students’ positive attitude and professional ethics, and enables them to become professionals with both humanistic and professional knowledge. The board members of the school are as follows:
Chairman : Mr. Zhong, Zhi-Wen (Master) Director: Mr. Wu, Rong-Ming (Ph.D.)
Director: Mr. Zhang, Chun-Xiong (Ph.D.)
Director: Ms. Yang, Li-Xiang (Ph.D.)
Director: Ms. He, Yi-Lun (Ph.D.)
Director: Ms. Zhao, Zhuang-Min (Ph.D.)
Director: Mr. Zhong, Xin-Han (Master)
Director: Mr. Lin, Xiu-He (Master)
Director: Mr. Zhu, Xi (Bachelor)
Director: Mr. Lan, Wen-Qian (Ph.D.)
Director: Mr. Jian, Hong-Ping (Bachelor)
Supervisor: Mr. Zhou, Heng-Yi (Bachelor)
Supervisor: Mr. Kang, Sheng-Song (Master)
President Office
President OfficeThe president of our school is Dr. Po-Hsian Huang, who aims to cultivate students’ professional skills based on the spirits of sympathy, kindness, generosity and devotion. Dr. Huang also pays special attention to general education and open courses such as law and life and investment and wealth management. It is his hope that at the time of graduation, all students will be awarded professional certificates to realize the goal of “employment upon graduation.”
Secretariat Office
Documentation Section
Secretariat Office
Documentation Section
The secretariat office is the coordination unit of the whole school. The office has a director and several secretaries and a documentation section. Through four key routines, which are meetings, official document processing, business planning and public relations operations, the office assists the president and relevant units of the school to jointly promote school affairs, so as to successfully complete school affairs goals. The main task is to strengthen communication and coordination with various units in order to seek harmony in the campus and to successfully fulfill the tasks assigned by the president.
The main work includes four aspects:
◎Convene various strategic meetings, such as school affairs meetings, administrative meetings, and internal control group meetings.
◎ Review the important documents and drafts of all units of the school.
◎Compile relevant laws and regulations, projects and assist in various evaluation and visit activities.
◎Handle public relations matters, such as receiving foreign guests and visitors, contacting the media, and issuing press releases.
◎Implement the internal control system, establish and improve the PDCA process, and effectively use school resources.
Office of Academic Affairs
Curriculum Section
Teaching Resource Center
Office of Academic Affairs
Curriculum Section
Teaching Resource Center
The Academic Affairs Office includes the Curriculum Section and the Teaching and Learning Center, which serve students wholeheartedly and have a close relationship with them.
Curriculum Section: The Curriculum Section is in charge of students’ schoolwork problems, arranging courses, adding and removing courses, and summer studies. (Contact number: 037-728855 ext. 2201, 2202, 2203, 2306) (Fax number: 037-730451)
Teaching Resource Center: The Teaching Resource Center provides teachers’ professional development consulting and training services. It also aims to build a complete teacher evaluation mechanism to improve teachers’ teaching quality and research standards, and finally enhance student learning effectiveness. (Contact number: 037-728855 ext. 2307, 2308) (Fax number: 037-730451)
Office of Student Affairs
Office of Student Affairs

Military Education Office

Life Counseling Section

Extracurricular Section

Student Counseling Center

Physical Education Section

Service Learning Section

Health Section

Student Housing Center

Indigenous and New Immigrant Students Resource Center
The Office of Student Affair is responsible for general student affairs. The mission of the office is to provide a whole-person educational environment through extracurricular activities, service learning, and counseling approaches to achieve the school’s educational goals. There are 9 units under this office, which are Military Education Office, Life Counseling Section, Extracurricular Section, Student Counseling Center, Physical Education Section, Service Learning Section, Health Section, Student Housing Center and Indigenous and New Immigrant Students Resource Center.
Office of General Affairs
Office of General Affairs

General Service Section

Cashier Section

Maintenance Section

Environmental Safety Section
In accordance with the school’s overall educational development policy and goals, the General Affairs Office aims to support and assist all departments of the school, and promotes the establishment of a good general affairs system for the school. The Office of General Affairs consists of four sections, which are the general service section, the cashier section, the environmental safety section and the maintenance section.
Library and Information Technology Center
Library and Information Technology Center
Library Management Section
Electrical Information Section
The Library and Information Technology Center is in charge of school book resource services and information system services. We provide various Internet services, information system development and maintenance, library collection reading and e-book related resource services. The Library and Information Technology Center consists of two sections, which are Library Management Section and Electrical Information Section.
Personnel Office
Personnel OfficeThe personnel office takes “legalization, openness, and efficiency” as the guiding philosophy for handling personnel business. The main task of the personnel office includes the provision of complete personnel services for the entire school’s faculty and staff, including employment, salary reporting, leave, assessment, promotion , rewards and punishments, training, welfare insurance, retirement pensions, etc.
Accounting Office
Accounting OfficeThe task of the accounting office is to establish a sound school financial accounting, make the most efficient use of limited financial resources, meet the funding needs of various departments, and support the normal operation of school teaching and administration. We also provide timely communication, coordination and advice to ensure the sound development of school affairs and improve school performance. 
Technology Cooperation Office
Technology Cooperation Office

Innovation Incubation Center
The mission of Technology Cooperation Office is to enhance the R&D energy of teachers, implement academic research work, match industry technology services and research results, and establish encouraging systems to expand the effectiveness of industrial cooperation, academic exchanges and school development funding. The Technology Cooperation Office also includes an Innovation Incubation Center, which leads and nurtures students to engage in many patent development and invention creations.
Admission Office
Admission Office

Registration Section

Extension Education Center
The tasks of the Admission Office include planning various enrollment activities, assisting in the registration of new students, and handling the promotion of extension courses and instant assessment services. The Admission Office also includes the Registration Section and the Extension Education Center.
Language Center
Language CenterThe main goal of the Language Center is to cultivate students’ English language skills. It is expected that through various activities, students’ learning motivation and foreign language skills can be improved, so that they can use English as a communication tool in their daily lives to understand the world’s culture and diverse fields. We also hope to combine students’ English language ability with their professional knowledge so that they can express their ideas in English in the workplace.